About us

Larras is much more than an activewear brand.

It is fitness clothing created and designed for you - a sophisticated, feminine, active woman, eager to fight and break boundaries. It is clothing standing out your perfections and accompanying you on the road to success.

Most of us have a breakneck pace of life, where work, family and duties occupy most of our time. Losing ourselves in this continuous chaos, we forget how we are, our passions, dreams and ambitions.

Sport is something giving us time to stop, think and remember that it is up to us deciding what is best for us.

It makes us move forward, motivates us and destroys all the limits and prejudices created by today's society.

When creating LARRAS fitness clothes, we have thought about you and your motivation. Our main goal is to make you feel comfortable and safe in every movement and every step you make towards victory without losing elegance and femininity. 

My story 

Hello! My name is Victoria, and I am the creator of the LARRAS brand.

I have been for many months thinking about creating my own line of fitness clothes.

I, as a young woman leading a healthy lifestyle and who actively plays sports, became aware of the problem that the fabrics quality and garment finishes are very far from perfection.

What I value most in clothing is its quality, because it is the first thing you see. The fabrics poor quality, the crooked seams, the loose threads and an incorrect size make the garment look unacceptable and careless.

I felt very uncomfortable wearing leggings when I made squats, I crouched or even doing abs, it let shows the underwear.

I went through many physical stores and online to find my ideal model, until one day, I understood that the so-called "ideal model", I can only create it myself.

That is why, in February 2018, I officially registered the Larras brand and then I started looking for the best fabrics and the best garment makers that could turn my dream into reality.

We dedicate a lot of time to create optimal models and select fabrics of the best quality.

My main objective was to create garments in which we felt comfortable, safe and feminine; garments that would highlight the beauty of our body and help us achieve better results.

We managed to create a minimalist and moderate style without an excess of seams and other elements that could limit our movements. The variety of colours in the collection allows us to change the mood and feel positive.

In addition, the quality of our fabrics helps to experience pleasant tactile sensations even during the most intensive workouts.

Our fabrics 

To find the best fabrics for our collection we have contacted dozens of companies worldwide, we have visited factories and fairs, until we find the perfect supplier whose fabrics really fulfilled all the necessary requirements.

After a selective and lengthy search, I can say with confidence that all our garments are made of the best Italian fabrics, mainly characterised by its high-quality standards and its respect for the environment.

All fabrics undergo a thorough inspection process during production and strict quality control.

Most of our models are created with high-quality recycled fabrics made of ECONYL® thread that is a thread created from 100% regenerated nylon and derived from pre and post-industrial waste. This fabric is characterised by its perfect fit, muscle control, quick-drying, softness, breathability, UV protection and much more.

In LARRAS, we do not work with fabrics made of Polyester. We only use materials made of recycled-polyamide and polyamide.