Polyamide and recycled polyamide in sportswear production

Polyamide and recycled polyamide in sportswear production

We all know the importance of weaving when choosing fitness clothes. Training is the activity in which there is no place for discomfort. Therefore, it is crucial fitness clothing meets all needs and does not cause pain.

The high number of sportswear currently in the market today is characterised by many factors, among which is the fabric which it is produced from, and its quality.

For many years, garments made of cotton were chosen, since this material, in addition to being natural and hypoallergenic, is characterized by its high breathability and absorbency. But at the same time, it is a material having insufficient elasticity; therefore, it does not usually yield much and loses its original appearance after frequent washing.

Besides, natural fabrics wrinkle easily and require constant ironing.

For this reason, today, many sportswear manufacturers give their preference to synthetic fabrics because of these, in addition to being harmless and hypoallergenic, also have several advantages compared to natural materials.

I would like to talk a little about fabrics made of polyamide and their difference from recycled polyamide.

Polyamide is a type of synthetic fibres obtained from the chemical processing of petroleum, coal and natural gas. Initially, synthetic threads and fabrics had a technical purpose. Still, the variety of their texture, durability and ease of care became highly demanded in the manufacture of sportswear, functional and interior.

Garments made of polyamide correctly retain their original appearance for a long time, since this type of synthetic materials is very resistant to wear and consists of high strength fibres.

Recycled polyamide, unlike usual, is obtained from recycled plastics and fabrics. For the manufacture of recycled PA, oil is not used, which leads to lower energy use and reduces CO2 emissions. Also, it can be recycled again at the end of its useful life.

Let´s know the main features of PA:

High strength

Excellent elasticity


Variety of textures

Lightness and softness

Do not discolour when exposed to the sun

Colours durability for a long time


Easy to take care of

High thermal conductivity

How polyamide garments are taken care of

It is recommended to wash polyamide garments at low temperatures, up to 40 ° C in soft mode

Prohibited to use bleach

Dryer use is not supported

Ironing at low temperature and without steam

It is recommended dry cleaning with perchloroethylene (it is a colourless liquid solvent that is used for dry cleaning of fabrics)

Polyamide, like the rest of the materials used for sportswear production, has its pros and cons. Still, as previously mentioned, it is an excellent material for the manufacture of high strength and elastic clothing.

Besides, with the passage of time and technological advances, this type of material tends to improve its features and respect for the environment.